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Since 1982 I do studies about the history of pipe-organs.[1] 2012 I earned a PhD in Musicology, my Thesis (A Study on Pipe Organs Built in the Pilgrimage Churches of the Archdiocese of Salzburg) was published in 2015.[2] Research work was done in archives on a selection of eleven pilgrimage churches: Arnsdorf, Dürrnberg, Embach, Filzmoos, Großgmain, Kirchental, Maria Alm, Maria Bühel, Maria Plain, St. Leonhard ob Tamsweg and Torren. The church St. Leonhard above Tamsweg has had an organ since 1442 and all the churches covered in this study possessed either an organ, a positive or a regal at their consecration or soon after. Several churches even had a second organ that was carried along in processions.

Ludwig Mooser 1845, Großgmain

References edit

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