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Hi! This is Saurabh Saha from India. I am an avid contributor to Wikipedia, who has been editing articles since 2019. I have a particular interest in topics related to literature, philosophy, and the arts, but have also contributed to articles on history, politics, and technology. I am passionate about knowledge sharing and aims to make information accessible to everyone by contributing to the world's largest online encyclopedia.

My work

I have made significant contributions to a variety of articles on Wikipedia, including adding new information, updating outdated content, and organizing articles for better readability. Some of my notable contributions include expanding the articles on Geography, Culture, Politics of North-Eastern India and Bangladesh. I have also contributed to articles such as Buka Bhaona, Pachati etc.

Contact me

  • E-mail: saurabh@altmails.com
  • Leave a message: Send here
  • IRC: saurabhsaha

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