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I am a Wikilinker, a Wiki Rollback. I joined Wiki to help people research, have an better ease of searching, and my most ambitious goal it to socialize, activate the chats and discuss problems, improvements, or just have a hang put. This is my dream to become an administrator and I'm just starting with small grammar or spelling edits. I also link words to articles that are relevant. Starting off small, getting bigger. This is my advise from my Wikipedia account when I just started. I undo vandalism, or wrong edits. My home Wiki is Wikimedia Commons, and I started off with my account Last Year, and I have been actively participating ever since. Sadly, I lost my Wikipedia account because I forgot my password. I didn't want to create a new one as that will be sockpuppetry. I also didn't add my E-mail address. But I then heard of Wiktionary, and I went ahead, and I just joined Wiki 1 day ago, at 1:24 am 15 October 2021 (UTC). It is my intention to add to a better dictionary, and my job to help people here be happier, suggest improvements, and help make bigger, more famous website as the user


number increases by thousands each day. We thank each person that contributed to Wiki and helped to create a better community.

"The more and bigger, does not mean it's better..."

- SaltzBeach 16 October 2021

This quote is by me and it means that even the biggest community doesn't mean that it's the best, as since if the community broke up into a fight, it wouldn't really be considered a "good" community to anyone. Even a community half it's size can be kinder, more helpful, and even grow bigger and even larger while people slowly leave the fighting community. Like my clubs: one has a leader that was mean and bossy, always getting angry when admins (not me) start a new club match. I left it, and I join "Anime and Chess Forever" and everyone was very nice. I have been in that club for a year now.

I want to create a better community, and I know this is my job to create a friendly, fun space by communicating. I won't make articles, but I will make other people happy. I love Wiki, and, after all, my promise is laughing, smiling people. Thank you for visiting my page, and reading all this. For any suggestions or queries, go to my discussion page. For any technical problems, I sadly can't do anything about it. Please go to the Grease Pit for those.