I was born in Osnabrück over 60 years ago and live in Belm.

After receiving my teaching degree (theology, Romance studies, philosophy) and finishing my traineeship, I have been working as a system administrator for a global company for over 30 years.

My main areas of study were systematic theology, religious education, church history, epistemology, the French socio-political system and the use of modern means of communication in foreign language teaching, as well as Noam Chomsky's linguistics. In the area of systematic theology, I worked in an advisory capacity on several publications of the department and published my own smaller articles on the topic of religious education in professional journals. For several months I lived and worked in France in Tulle, the capital of the department of Corrèze in the Limousin region. Today I am still frequently on the road in the southwest of France, but meanwhile also a lot in the north of Italy.

On the side, I manage several internet portals of clubs and associations.

My personal interests are politics, history, literature, sports (sailing, hiking, basketball, volleyball and football), computer science, meteorology, gardening and philosophy. The main focus of my Wikipedia work is in the areas of Portal Osnabrücker Land and the French Département Corrèze.

Epistemologically, I come from Critical_rationalism|Critical Rationalism and am thus close to Karl Popper's method of falsifiability. I call myself a moderate inclusionist, because there are entries where I ask, what's the point? And then there are entries that are missing because of some relevance criteria that are actually obsolete in this particular case.

What is important to me is that Wikipedia sticks to the facts and does not increasingly pave the way for a latent left-wing fascism, as is the case on the German-language side. For this reason, I actually only read the English, Italian and French pages. I only sporadically look at the German pages, as they are no longer neutral from an ideological point of view. As a linguist, I am against gender-neutral language.