Here I am listening to a Wikidata tutorial at Wikimania 2016. Picture by Niccolò Caranti.

Hi, I'm Michelle, from a little town called Beek in the south of the Netherlands. In 2014 I joined my first edit-a-thon in the Artis library in Amsterdam and made my first article, a translation of an English article about the Dutch malacologist Mattheus Marinus Schepman. I am mainly interested in visual arts and artists from all periods of art history. I am an art historian and cultural heritage scientist. On Wikidata, I enjoy adding the depicts properties of artworks.


For edits I make during working hours I use the account MichellevanLanschot.

Wikipedian in Residence Erfgoed Gelderland, 2017-2018 edit

Starting january 2017 I am working as a Wikipedian in Residence - although I consider myself more a Wikimedian in Residence- at Erfgoed Gelderland, a provincial organisation that supports small cultural heritage organisations. Goals of the project are on the one hand training 7 small heritage institutions (archives and museums) to independently make their collections available on-Wiki. On the other hand, the project is intended as a pilot to investigated if and how small heritage institutions with little means in terms of time and money, are able to independently work on Wiki. More information on the project can be found on the projectpage projectpagina (in Dutch).

Copyclear; claiming back the public domain edit

At CopyClear I work together with Hannolans to make the copyright status of artworks more clear. We have created a tool that enables cultural heritage institutions to automatically determine the copyright status of works in their collections. The tool is based on Wikidata and we also add information we find to Wikidata. More information about the project can be found on our website.