Ungh... No Time To See...


I'm begins with professional level of Indonesia and I begin interneting with my mother's phone in 2-3 years ago,as of 2010,I begin to download apps in that. I also begins to speak English basically at that time.

In WikipediaEdit

I was entering Wikipedia in May without account. I can't enter with Rolandmobile due to flaw. That time, my English i speak is in intermediate level.I begin with the account for the first time,Rolandhelper. In June 15,i was blocked for the Wikipedia. In there,Wikimedia Commons,i was blocked right in June 11 and 25.In July 9, i was globally locked due to massive Sockpuppetry. As of august,my English level was reached my English is Advanced (although i was reached native Indonesia language in 1-2 years ago).-- 05:19, 23 August 2012 (UTC)