ResMar is long-time New York City-based Wikipedian and full-time college student who first registered in December 2008. He enjoys writing about internal news related to the English Wikipedia and to the Wikimedia movement overall at the Signpost, where he is currently the volunteer beat reporter for the weekly "News and notes" section. He used to write profusely about volcanoes, particularly ones in Hawai'i and ones underwater.


This user is no longer active on this wiki.

I ought to be angry that one of the fellow editors on this project that I most respect is being dragged through the stockades, but the truer reality is that my days as an active contributor on Wikipedia are simply long behind me now. Being an editor here gave me purpose through some of the most personally difficult and formative months and years of my life; my alignment as an editor on Wikipedia has in large part shaped my identity, my sense of self, and the alignment of my passions and my interests in the wider world. And for that I will always be thankful, because even though it was difficult and thankless work in the supreme, working with so many people so passionate about what they do—especially in my time serving as an editor and contributor on the Signpost—has helped me understand myself, too.

I can still be reached via email, if need be, and I don't rule out my working on further personal projects involving Wikipedia or the Wikipedian community, forever a source of my fascination, on my personal website. But as an editor, I think it's for the best that I formally move on.