Rebel Agent
Rebel Agent
Wikimedia projects contributor, I'm just a Volunteer
Some people don't know English this is why we are working hard to provide free information in different languages.

About me

I'm a young man of 21 years old, I stay in Francistown, Botswana and Rebel Agent is not my real name it is just my Wikimedia projects User name but you can address me as Rebel Agent it's Okay.

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My work

I decided to create a Wikipedia account on May 2022 but I'm not new here I used to do some edits like correcting grammar using an IP address, I started Editing Article on English Wikipedia but when I noticed there is Wikipedia in my home language the Setswana Wikipedia I feel in love with it, I started Editing there, Now I'm an Administrator on the Setswana Wikipedia.

Disclaimer: I don't work for the Wikimedia Foundation I'm just a Volunteer like most of the people here, if I made a mistake please let me know on my talk page