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The Community Project Journal is an adaptive document.

The Machinery of CommunityEdit

This is not the Wikipedia:Community_Portal nor is this project driven by the administration of Wikipedia proper (although they are invited to participate). This is the Wikipedia Community Project belonging to the Internet public and the rank and file Wikipedians. The activities here are, for the most part, independent of but intrinsically linked to, Wikimedia and its children (if you can handle that paradox. The parent of this project is WikiProject Sociology in its generic context. (That project has yet to form at Wikipedia. This project is here to provide support when it does).

The Wikipedia Community is already strong and vibrant. Most of the discussion of Wikipedia's mission, the community's organization, the founding member's views, and other similar content can be found at the site. This project uses those only as guidelines and starting points. The idea is to carry the concept of community beyond the scope of Wikimedia, Wikipedia and Wikianything.

The Wikimedia Foundation is the 'institutional core' of Wikipedia and its sister projects. This project is a supplemental project arising from the 'grass roots' level and is for helping newcomers and 'rank and file' Wikipedians find their place inside the vast Wikipedia community. This project intends to fully acknowledge the Foundation and respect its wishes and values, but in an independent manner.

This Community worksheet is also a strategic staging area for bringing The Wikipedia Community into a larger context with a less Wikipedia-centric focus and a more open framework to accommodate growth, diversity and objectivity. We graciously accept non-encyclopedic references as long as they are civil, somewhat descent, and relevant to the context of community. What we are seeking however, is Neutral point of view content that can be used in an encyclopedic reference library for research work relating to the development of next-generation Internet-weighted Community standards and Internet sociology.

Anybody and anyone can participate in this project. As is the case for all Wikipedia content, you don't have to be a registered Wikipedian to edit. There shall be no 'Cabal' formed here, as this project is to remain open to the Internet public and represents a purely grass roots effort. If you want to mess up and/or vandalize this worksheet you're certainly free to do it just as the rest of us are free to remove your irrelevant edits. But that is the exact opposite of what we hope to accomplish here with this project.

Benevolent dictator | mandate | dictate | dictionary | lexicon | sentence + structure = sentence structure | automaton

Ten years later this project checked on by CQ (talk) on 18:55, 18 June 2015 (UTC).

Strategy for analysing thus organizing the Wikipedia ...Edit

The represents a context in which the Wikipedia community and it's leadership can be analysed using the Wikipedia content as a frame of reference. From the standpoint of the community development practitioner, this could be a useful tool for Wikipedia. This is a form of interpretative framework that includes relatively unchanging structures for containing data, content and references that can be consistantly navigated by individuals both inside and outside of a given group or project.

...One Step at a Time...Edit

JOURNAL: Comprehensive Project frame: Depending on the level of Generosity within the Deletionist community, I hope to keep a working copy of the following template in place within the Wikipedia:Template namespace at {{WikiProject_Wikiportal}} Quinobi 16:23, 24 July 2005 (UTC)

WikiProjects and their associated Wikiportals - working drafts - final
Wikipedia:WikiProject_Main_Page Wikipedia:Main Page Main Page
Wikiproject_Culture Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Culture Wikiportal/Culture
Wikiproject_Geography Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Geography Wikiportal/Geography
Wikiproject_History Wikipedia:Wikiportal/History Wikiportal/History
Wikiproject_Personal_life Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Personal_life Wikiportal/Personal_life
Wikiproject_Mathematics Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Mathematics Wikiportal/Mathematics
Wikiproject_Science Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Science Wikiportal/Science
Wikiproject_Society Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Society Wikiportal/Society
Wikiproject_Technology Wikipedia:Wikiportal/Technology Wikiportal/Technology

#quip - A frame is a frame is a frame... I've been fray - muh -duh!

... Two Steps at Once ...Edit

JOURNAL: Managing Concurrent Projects - It's easy to lose track of where you are, when editing wikipedia. I'm trying to develop a tracking mechanism that I and others can use to automate certain tasks otherwise known as "gruelling". I've created the psuedo-user tractor and Wikipedia:WikiProject_Keywords for this purpose. This will work in two domains: the user and the group.

The Idea is make a way for any user of the wikipedia to get a "handle" on the resources in wikipedia that fit into a customizable frame of interest I call the personal context frame. The template for creating this frame is the global context frame. The challenge is to create a tool that is universal in its usability and lexically scoped to traverse the whole internet - not just WikiWorld. Quinobi 16:23, 24 July 2005 (UTC)

Checked and edited Quinobi (talk) 19:14, 15 May 2012 (UTC) (I told you it was a long-term project)

personal context tractor
Where I was Where I am Where I Want to Go
Record of deeds Current Todo list Overarching goals

Now to put in the context of WikiProjects and Wikiportals...

Global context tractor for WikiProjects and Wikiportals
List of Stubs and cleanup articles WikiProject Main (Central) Wikiportal specifications
Current draft Wikiportal Current Todo list Wikiportal requirements

JOURNAL: Comprehensive Personal frame The point is to simaltaniously step through the wikipedia from its upper lefthand corner- the meta KEYWORDS file to its lower right hand corner - the list of references to the outside internet; while at the same time traverse the Wikipedia from its upper right hand corner - my account to it's lower left-hand corner the toolbox and search engine. For now, though I'm just going to do it all manually by copying the entire WikiProject main to a working directory here: Wikipedia:WikiProject_Community/Strategy/WikiHash

The Idea is to create WikiProject Central to present to the existing groups. With it, I will suggest that self-organization can work best through a centralized facility that holds the patterns of encyclopedic content once it's decided what those patterns are. Quinobi


context tractor
metadata my account
toolbox my sources

My user account at wikipedia takes care of this part through metadata (that I understand) , while
My primary and secondary sources on my home console take care of that part through my browser cashe and bookmarks.

#quip - That's toolage pahd-nah!

... Without Stepping on AnyoneEdit

JOURNAL: Managing Concurrent Conversations : Good healthy discussions can take place anywhere in Wikipedia. It is best that way, because discussion threads follow the contexts where they start. Sometimes however, particularly when merging, renaming, moving or even deleting articles, stubs, templates or whatever, threads can move, fork or be broken. m:Liquid threads is a concept that envolves allowing this behavior - even accomodationg it. This could have been the intended function of the Village pump.

The community hash is the register file (sort of like random access memory) for maintaining continuity of discussion threads while tracking who's talking about what with a record of when and where they are doing it. The design is based on the digest form for mailing lists and news groups but will morph into a realtime model based on RDF metadata, and RSS feeds working through the latest XML schemas using the various types of Notification in the current version of MediaWiki. This sets the stage for an intermediate context (between personal and global) called the plenary context.

With some simple rules and standards in place, My watchlist and Recent Changes can be digested and reported to each user acording to his or her own priorities. That is the purpose of {{Template:User_WikiProjects}}. The only thing the user has to really be concerned with is why. Quinobi 16:23, 24 July 2005 (UTC)

#quip - It's every man for himself in this dog-eat-dog-world.

External References to The Wikipedia CommunityEdit

This section is for listing other sites that refer to the Wikipedia and its associated community. This is for developing a snapshot of what they' are saying and how the world at large perceives us. If you have a review or know of any - positive or negative, please post the naked URL here followed by appropriate notes:

Unsolicited advice: Listen to some Pink Floyd... I recommend Us and Them :)

Wikipedia has been nominated for The Webby Awards in two categories: Best practice and Best Community:

Positive ReviewsEdit

Negative reviewsEdit

Objective reviewsEdit

Wikipedia:Wikipedia_in_academic_studies since December 2003 still maintained 9 July 2005 14:25 (UTC):

Tomos | Nichtich | Snoyes | Imran | Fuzheado | Chocolateboy | TakuyaMurata | Samw

Notes, thoughts, commentsEdit

Thread has forked:

The Realtime Challenge to the Wikipedia CommunityEdit

WHAT'S NEXT: Self-organization | Emergence

Andrea's question compels me to think in terms of lubrication. The wheels of community revolve around access control. People who use the Internet, for whatever reason, find themselves sorting and filthering all sorts of filth. Automation has to use taxonomic frames that reflect the experience and mimic the instincts of the user. The transparency of code overlain over community and vica-versa helps us to see through the facades of plunderers and marauders. Trained intellects can recognize mischeif in nanoseconds if there is a dialog established. Confronting scoundrels presents challenges to the network, for sure, and will continue to do so unfortunately. But it's the lost souls that have taught the best tricks, given us the most daunting enigmas and inadvertanly contributed to the galvanization of the freenode|wikipedia:union. Combining realtime constraints with a definative social strategem allows us to practice on theory framed in conversation - the pillar of collectivism.

read: Mary Domahidy Using Theory to Frame Community and Practice

Journal of the Community Development Society Vol. 34 No.1 2003 p.75

External Uses of Wikipedia ContentEdit

Wikipedia at work

Examples of Communities with a presence on the NetEdit

This section is for listing alphabetically other sites that practice the virtues and ideals of community. Place the full 'naked' URL to their home page first, followed by the most relevant Wikipedia article, if one exists. If you want to start an article, feel free.


New or existing Articles relating to methods, principles, theories, etc.Edit

Organizational learning | intentional community | Community of practice | Community development | Virtual community, Meritocracy | Computational sociology

Internal References to The Wikipedia CommunityEdit

The reference section shows full URLs so that the links can be used more readily. Please maintain this convention.

Information SociologyEdit

Just for fun read: Wikipedia:Sociology_of_Wikipedia_via_Rorty_and_Berger

If we cannot determine depth of character and srength identity we will tend to veer off course. The wikipedia experience is a set of conditions we embrace and learn to control. We are not subjects of some sort of crown nor are we victors over injustice unless we make ourselves so. Interaction at this level is intellectually exhaustive yet repletly comforting, if we are succeeding. The peace of mind that comes fromm knowing that you can trust your peers, allows us to take bold steps toward global goals. Goals that are reachable if we are:

  1. True to ourselves
  2. Honest to the world outside
  3. Naked to each other (vulnerable and proud of it - an ultimate paradox)
  4. Quadratic in our reasoning

By quadradic, I mean a foursquare approach to handling means and extremes. When I look at any Wikipedia page, I see four nice cozy corners each holding iconic references to domains that I trust. All relationships are built on trust, and as I meet diligent, dedicated, intelligent people here, I understand that I am part of something huge and strong. The collective depth of the Wikipedia character gives users from all stances, a facility in which to do meaningful work in building a better internet. This is a new techno-social reality that I can embrace whole-heartedly. Quinobi 4 July 2005 21:29 (UTC)

The key to finding yourselfEdit

Quadratic equations are not that difficult. Everthing we do in wikipedia is contextually clamped to a mechanistic frame. The Community hash is a tool that resembles a standard 10x keyboard. The Community control panel is a single keyboard. The open and friendly atmosphere I want to create here is one of challenge and merit. These attributes are universally understood and gives us a sense of common keystrokes mapped to intention: Ctrl - personal; Alt - collective; Shift - global.

(IMAGE of a standard keyboard goes here)

The socio-techneical /slash/ techno-social implications of realtime egalitararian control of the Wikipedian facility are immense. Gathering creative energy within a logical open community frame. As an ameteur perl coder, I have a deep appreciation for the principles of context and scope inherant in the language. I'm finding practical mematic choices in language that are useful to building community from an objective stance in a vortex of mutual respect. It is objectivity that characterizes this community's ruleset, despite the emotional friction produced by the more problematic processes be hashed out by the users. By implementing a strict set of friendly mematic entities (objects), I as a community-development practitioner can contribute to the climate of cooperation that is building itself within the wikipedia community frame. My job is simply to adapt my own frames to existant structures and openly and clearly present those populated frames back to the community. Like a good perl script, I have to faithfully extract and report only what I find.

The memetics of personal growthEdit

Memetics, to me is by no means a dead science. When I open the Wikipedia to find new messages, I am energized. If I go to my talk page and find that another user is on my wavelength, It charges my battery. This one little function of the codebase has an incremental but life-changing thrust toward progress - traction. Now to transfer that thrust to the community...

The WikiPraxis specificationEdit

As I grow in understanding, and my skills develop, I want to make sure those processes and results are well-documented. For this purpose I am crafting the WikiPraxis column for the Wikipedia:Signpost weekly. My intention is to use it as a tool for project-weighted news cyclically injected into the combustion chambers of wikipedia - the WikiProjects. I see WikiProject Central as a multi-cylinder engine of progress toward goals. The fuel is of course, the creative energy of the wikipedians. The engine block is Template:Wikiproject - a standardized project-management framework. Like pure gold for the community development practitioner and social change agent. I see the creation of a gold standard for projects as a key driver in the hardening process WikiWorld is ready for as implied by Ciffolilly's question. This is the mechanism that I think will fit the bill as a theory-to-action componant (praxis) in Wikipedia - The Community of Practice.

WikiPraxis is an open forum for everyone with one and only one goal. You wont see much about it in The Village Pump or in the Community_portal. It's for The Project only. There is no position to gain, no prestige, recognition, nothing like that. It's for organizing what's here, filling in the holes, patching the cracks, building a good encyclopedia. There's talk about a best encyclopedia, but we all know that's just rhetoric till we can function as a unit. Quinobi 9 July 2005 06:21 (UTC)

WikiPraxis: only one goal - building a good encyclopedia.

My platformEdit

I, like Samuel and Will, came here with an agenda. I arrived with expectations and excitement as we all do. I'm still here because I have hope. I believe in the collective agenda of the wikipedia. I'm ready to lay my guns down on the ground and get down to the business of making peace in this old world.

People are tired of crap that doen't work and being lied to. That's where wikiworld comes to the rescue. The operating plane we have here is exquisite and eloquent. The content we generate inherits the attributes of the coders. The mutual respect that is continuously growing, enables us to dream of voyages through the ocean of humanity while at the same time keeps our feet on the deck of the ship. It doesn't matter who appears to be at the helm. We trust him or her like we do the shipbuilders. Our quest is not to plunder the cyberseas as they have, but to deliver our cargo to it's qualified port.

helm semaphore:

The context switchEdit

  • Mutation and mutual exclusion - the mutex
  • Conditioning and conditional variables - the condvar

WikiProject Keywords is a vector analysis tool that could allow rapid parsing of keyword files.

The creative process is one of accidental discovery and experiential formulation of design principles. When like minds find each other, the obstacles they knew in the past become less relevant exponentially. When I met _sj_ in #wikipedia, he guided me to the very core of the wikimedia fundementals. He did it systematically, consicely and deliberately. That's the sort of thing I expect from the initiated. For this he gets my first class yeoman certificate for kindness and support. He has my vote.

_image of a golden Skeleton key_

The other key, I believe should go to Beland, who like a bloodhound, has followed my scent all the way to this very spot.

_image of a Ctrl key_

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