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Qareken Balasi

About me

Hi everyone! I have been contributing to Wikimedia projects since 2019. I love editing in Wikipedia and Wikimedia other projects. I am primarily active on the English, Russian, Kazakh, Qaraqalpaq and Uzbek Wikipedias, as well as on Wikimedia Commons and Meta-Wiki. My goal is to contribute to the development of Wikimedia projects. I still have Wikipedia accounts, but I no longer use them Special:CentralAuth/Rakhmonov Shaxbozbek) and Special:CentralAuth/RakhmonovFilms). Now my main account is Special:CentralAuth/Qareken Balasi).

My work

From August 2019, I began to work actively in Qaraqalpaq Wikipedia, where my area of work until today is creating articles on different topics. Join the Qarakalpaq Wikipedia group in telegram.

Contact me

On my talk pages,

or via email (rakhmonovfilms(_AT_)


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kaa-N Bul paydalanıwshınıń ana tili qaraqalpaq tili.
ru-5 Этот участник профессионально владеет русским языком.
en-3 This user has advanced knowledge of English.
kk-3 Бұл қатысушы қазақша кәміл деңгейде меңгереді.
uz-3 Bu foydalanuvchi oʻzbek tilini mukammal biladi.
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