User:Przykuta/evolution of Projects


This is only proposal for development of Wikimedia Projects.

  • Wikischool - this is proposal for school by internet (problem with e-learning). This is not project for people who are interested in local schools. See also: Wikiteach
  • Wikiatlas (or Wikialbum) - this project combines the Commons and Wikibooks - a simple project not for drawing new maps and images, but for making full use of images which have been uploaded to the Commons. Currently galleries on the Commons show scaled down images in small boxes, user must click at an image to view the original version. (Maybe a new namespace in the Commons will be needed). See also: Wikiatlas, Wikiteer and Wikimaps
  • Wikifilm - this is a problematic proposal, cause it will be not easy for editors. But it will be good for other projects. (Maybe new namespace in commons). See: Wikifilm and Wikumentary
  • Wikipublications - problem with original research, but this problem is the same like in wikinews. Other problem is acceptance by scientific world. Publications in internet are popular, but to start it we have to think about static version of final product (of course when a publication will be finished). See also: WikiReviews and WikiAbstracts
  • Wikitech (or Wikihacking]] - school for developers :) - bots, scripting language... - open for all, who want to learn something about it. See also: WikiTech and Wikibot
  • Wikipatents - something like OpenCola (So, Wikipatents will open a way to Wikilaboratory and Wikifactory ;)) See also: Wikiresearch
  • Wikitranslator - tool; something like babelfish, but not only. We have many articles on many wikipedias. We are able to write more bots to translate articles from one wiki to others. I think about villages, planetoids and other articles created by bots. See also: Wikipedia Machine Translation Project, WikiTranslation, Semantic MediaWiki and Wiki for standards
  • WikiTV - problem with editing (montage). See: WikiTV