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the collaborative dance
Act II (meta) 2 years after Act I
  • Feb 2012 — Taylor Swift wins two Grammys for "Mean." Obama has
    started to sing. (And Swift turns 35 on 13 Dec 2024. You do the math.
  • Inspired by the 11-23 Feb 2012 interwiki singularity(?), Proofreader77
    moves the idea for Wikipedia movie musical from back to front burner
    with enough new plot line for Act II. (Wonder what Act III will be? LoL

    To quote Taylor Swift's spoken vamp in the middle of The Story of Us:
    "Next chapter.")
  • Meanwhile: 21 Feb 2012 ArbCom concludes Civility enforcement
    case. (Coincidentally: Two years to the day after Act I semi-climax.)

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