Hi, this is Moumita. I am a home maker staying in Texas. I believe that being a home maker is of no less credibility than being a doctor, engineer or any other professional if not more. Here you devote yourself completely in expectation of nothing in return. Still, saying this much does not define me enough. I have grown up in Kolkata in a traditional bengali family among so many members. Each day spent with them has an immense impact on my character, personality and values. After taking care of all household works the little leisure I get, I spent that on reading, writing and listening music. Range of my favorite music varies from Tagore to Coke Studio. Although I am a pathetic writer, still I try to express my thoughts in words. I love writing about my girlhood days spent together with all my cousins playing and enjoying whole day, those days of Durga puja and other festivals celebrated at my mamar-bari. I still remember the days my grandma showing us how to prepare various traditional bengali cuisines which are going into oblivion day by day. I love writing about my own city Calcutta which knows everything about me, which has seen me turn into a lady all throughout the way from a little girl. All these memories help me stay clinged to my roots even after staying far away from my soils for over a decade. After reading this much if you call me an old soul I won't mind. I am a bit emotional too you know. While I still laugh out loud watching Tom and Jerry, my eyes go moist hearing John Denver saying "Let my drown in your laughter, let me die in your arms." While the lines of Amrita Pritam makes me wonder what is love, Tommy Page helps me find a shoulder to cry on and a friend to rely on. All these things together depicts what I am.

Calling myself a photographer will be an overstatement by miles. Still I love to capture moments and objects so that I can relive them later and share those with others. I believe that quality of a photo can't be measured only with its resolution but also with your perception and your way of seeing the object. That's why I am here