If you are a Wikipedian needing assistance or have questions on a variety of matters - be it copyright, sourcing, or even just want to get a second opinion on your article draft, please do not hesitate to ask on my meta talkpage email me using the "email this user" function. I am happy to help in any way that I can.

If you have a gmail and are interested in helping find public domain photos of Soviet pilots, politicians, artists, and/or academics for Wikimedia Commons, either email me or post your preffered email account for Wikipedia on my talkpage, and I will add you to my googledoc table that contains a list of famous people we need copies of photos of and calculates the expiration dates for various pictures from known publications.

If you are interested in finding obituaries, graves, or genealogy, please help find the year of death for any of the photographers in this list whose year of death is unknown. Without knowing the year of death for a photographer or artist on the list, we CANNOT calculate the copyright expiration date for their work!

Please help find originals of these photos for use in Commons (or as fair-use)

Some articles that really need to be translated to more languages:


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