The bot runs on a Raspberry Pi 3B like this one.

This bot account is run by User:Mike Peel. It normally runs on a Raspberry Pi, hence the name!


Task Code Description Hourly 06h UTC 12h UTC 18h UTC Weekly
(7h Mon)
(7h Fri)
(8h 1st)
Batch Inactive
Emijrpbot 6 (adopted) Add sitelinks, or create new items, for humans with new Wikipedia entries
Add sitelinks, or create new items, for humans with new Wikipedia entries (backlog)
Meta task 0 Update m:WMF Advanced Permissions
enwp task 0 Update en:User:Mike Peel/Guardian obits Update en:User:Mike Peel/NYT obits
Wikidata task 11 Remove bad P373 values
Commons task 1 Maintain commons infoboxes by checking for default sort conflicts
Wikidata task 6 Move commons sitelinks from topic to category items Move commons sitelinks from list to category items Double-check that the moves worked OK
Wikidata task 0 Checking for sitelinks to Commons category redirects. Mismatch between P373 and sitelink. Items with P910 and a sitelink in both the topic and category items, where one redirects to the other
Wikidata task 13
Add reciprocal values for items that have inverse statements
Wikidata task 2 Copy commons sitelinks from P373
English Wikipedia task 4 Commons link maintenance
Simple English Wikipedia task 1 Commons link maintenance
Commons task 1 Wikidata Infobox tidying
English Wikipedia task 3 Cochrane updates
French Wikipedia (in user space) Cochrane updates
Wikidata task 1 Commons category redirects
Commons task 1 Wikidata Infobox deployment
Commons task 2 Trim duplicate external IDs that are provided by Wikidata
Wikidata task 3 Commons sitelinks from ID matching
Wikidata task 4 Import IDs from Commons to Wikidata
Pi bot 8 Search for new Commons sitelinks to add to Wikidata
Pi bot 12 Create new category items to link via category items
Commons task 0 Adding categories to images
Wikidata task 5 Add human name property values by deduction and/or importing from other Wikimedia projects
Wikidata task 7 Add English labels from commons category names
Pi bot 9 Remove broken sitelinks to deleted pages
Pi bot 10 Create new Wikidata entries for people with Commons categories
English Wikipedia task 2 (withdrawn) Migration of WHS Wikidata infoboxes