The bot runs on a Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB like this one.
The hardware that this bot runs on was provided by Wikimedia UK [1].

This bot account is run by User:Mike Peel. It normally runs on a Raspberry Pi, hence the name! User:Pi admin bot also exists.

Pi bot mostly edits Commons and Wikidata, but also the English, French and Simple Wikipedias, and Meta. It has made over 11 million edits so far.

Pi bot started operation in February 2017, and originally ran on a Raspberry Pi 3B. Pi bot was upgraded to a Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB in 2020 thanks to funding from Wikimedia UK, with twice yearly reporting.


Task Code Description Hourly 05h UTC 06h UTC 12h UTC 18h UTC Weekly
(7h Mon)
(7h Fri)
(8h 1st)
Batch Inactive
Emijrpbot 6 (adopted) Add sitelinks, or create new items, for humans with new Wikipedia entries
Add sitelinks, or create new items, for humans with new Wikipedia entries (backlog)
Commons 1 Wikidata Infobox deployment
Wikidata 23 Archive Wikidata bot requests
Wikidata 19
Create new items from Wikipedias
Wikidata 18 Commons, enwp Import coordinates from Commons and Wikipedias
Meta 0 Update m:WMF Advanced Permissions
enwp 0 Update en:User:Mike Peel/Guardian obits Update en:User:Mike Peel/NYT obits
Wikidata 11 Remove bad P373 values
Commons 1 Maintain commons infoboxes by checking for default sort conflicts
List of Commons QI, FI and VI by user, and QI statistics
Wikidata 16 Import new Commons sitelinks from enwp
Wikidata 6 Move commons sitelinks from topic to category items Move commons sitelinks from list to category items Double-check that the moves worked OK
Wikidata 0 Checking for sitelinks to Commons category redirects. Mismatch between P373 and sitelink. Items with P910 and a sitelink in both the topic and category items, where one redirects to the other
Wikidata 13
Add reciprocal values for items that have inverse statements
Wikidata 26 Auto-correct coordinates set to the wrong globe
Wikidata 27 Auto-copy coordinate globe to located on astronomical body (P376) (except for Earth (Q2))
Wikidata 2 Copy commons sitelinks from P373
Wikidata 7 Add English labels from commons category names
enwiki 4 Commons link maintenance
Simple English Wikipedia 1 Commons link maintenance
Commons 1
Wikidata Infobox tidying
Wikidata 14 Import short descriptions from enwp to Wikidata (where no English description exists)
Wikidata 22 Regularly add Commons category links for date categories/items
enwiki 3 Cochrane updates
French Wikipedia (in user space) Cochrane updates
Wikidata 12
Create new category items to link via category items (for related work)
Wikidata 17 Copy labels for humans from other languages to English
Wikidata 20 Bitbucket Copy human names between languages and dialects
Wikidata 21 Bitbucket Remove brackets from human name labels
Wikidata 1 Commons category redirects
Commons 2 Trim duplicate external IDs that are provided by Wikidata
Wikidata 3 Commons sitelinks from ID matching
Wikidata 4 Import IDs from Commons to Wikidata
Wikidata 8 Search for new Commons sitelinks to add to Wikidata
Wikidata 15 Systematically correct Wikidata labels
Commons 0 Adding categories to images
Wikidata 5 Add human name property values by deduction and/or importing from other Wikimedia projects
Wikidata 9 Remove broken sitelinks to deleted pages
Wikidata 10 Create new Wikidata entries for people with Commons categories
enwiki 2 (withdrawn) Migration of WHS Wikidata infoboxes
Commons 3 Deprecating uses of Object Photo (withdrawn/run manually)