Michael P. Künne

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My Name ist Michael! I'm a german-speaking wikipedia author, and I work for the Wikipedia for several years. My first account was: Netagert. I'm mainly interested in world politics; Philosophy and social sciences.

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  • Enlightenment and creation of new information on world-political issues
  • Analysis and assessment of historical and social contexts
  • Unrestricted research, mainly international terrorism
  • Promotion international understanding
  • Promotion human rights

Personal views of Michael P. KünneEdit


The earth is our home. Home is where we live and where we feel safe. Home is the place where the future of our children thrives. Whoever may repress you, you will know that he can not displace the homeland in your heart, but there - homeland lives, until the end of your entire life.


Deprived my freedom. Deprived my sense of security. Hurt and kill my fellow men. Spread fear and fright. You should know - the faith in a life of freedom, courage and cohesion as humanity, you will not be able to destroy - with any weapons of this earth.

Consumption societyEdit

A parasitic state of mind paired with indispensable greediness - today's society in the spirit of consumption.

21st centuryEdit

That in the 21st century, after all the terrible crimes of human history - such as hate - exists in the minds of men, makes me sad and equally angry. Resentment is not an excuse, it is constellation, which is mainly due to stupidity; Blindness and laziness, of each individual.

International understandingEdit

In our century, international understanding plays a decisive role. Never before has it been so significant, to find a peaceful path through a dialogue between peoples, in the face of existing conflicts and in view of our history.

Our own viewEdit

Most of the people in my presence are extremely busy with themselves, so much so that they already lack a clear view of the wide horizon. But the horizon is not the end of our imagination - it is the beginning of a new path. The idea of ​​ourselves shapes us, strengthens us and restrains us, but at times it is a blockade, a limit in our deep interior. Our life abruptly demands strength that is often lacking. We must not give up on ourselves and our fellow human beings and give them the strength and love they need. In this way, we become strong together in ourselves and with us, all over the world, because horizons are limitless, just like our thoughts and actions.

Face of the worldEdit

The face of today's world, in which we see ourselves not as guests, but draw borders and separate us.

Philosophy of my own mindEdit

I have often tried to philosophize about life, often I already failed in the philosophy of my own mind.

The people of repulsive self-loveEdit

You are the image of your hatred-filled society. Their hearts do not hurt when they trumpet their infamous messages into the wide world. Their eyes do not tear, when they see their fellow men. Poor black is the color of their thoughts.

The self-destruction of human existenceEdit

The continuous rearmament is simultaneously a disarmament, a free and enlightened way of thinking in a civilized world. In our century it is a strength, united as a society, to strengthen the bond among the individual peoples. Tolerance, acceptance and respect are not a reality, they must be communicated over generations. We want to make peace, but at the same time have to acknowledge experiences and defeats - so that we can also guarantee a safe place for our descendants on this earth.

My opinion on the outcome of the presidential elections in the United States of AmericaEdit

I am personally a bit surprised at how many people now see the United States of America in a serious malaise. Is it eventual that the greater part of this humanity is rooted in a bubble, the bubble of a formed cognitive distortion? In most cases, most people are not interested in education, and they have forgotten the motto of the Enlightenment, which, moreover, revolutionized no less than Immanuel Kant. Even today, 27 years after the Reagan administration, in the United States, little has changed in many areas of domestic policy. The continuous path to a plutocracy becomes flagrant, but only now is a correlation with the decade-long reduction of social programs. Retrospectively, empirically, not only the war on drugs was lost but, first of all, the war against social inequality. The predicted destruction is not before us, it is a fallacy. I do not want to comment on the outcome of the election in the United States, but I would say that every state must commit itself to progressive values. The United States has many weaknesses, some are interpreted as impertinence, such as the privatized judicial system or everyday racism. If someone asks me what I want for the United States then I would say that I wish enlightenment. Enlightenment is always associated with media literacy. But since media competency, even in adults, is only marginal in Germany, I am convinced that it will take a little longer - until we are able to turn to holotically humanistic values.

The definition of humanismEdit

The definition of humanism is changing, a new threat is grown. Our mission is, to elucidate inexorably - not to hate. A change can create millions of tears, can made every man and woman speechless, but it can bring light, where is only darkness, it can take you on a journey of silence, but - and this is necessary - remind yourself of your values. Take action, with your heart, you can be a part of a movement, not just in your thoughts. If people can made hate popular, you can contrary spread love in every corner of darkness. Please remember, there was a time, where ordinary people like you fought for their rights, they chose not to be quiet, they fought also for the enlightenment, they believed in humanity and they won this desperate fight. Don't lose your soul.

I'm afraidEdit

It is the vehement feeling of fear.

Nevertheless, it is not the fear of tyranny,

but rather the fear of enduring a time which can not be changed,

because fear is denied as fear and the seriousness of the situation is ignored.

I am afraid, because it is the unrighteousness, which become in spirit the form of normality,

through the unconscious acceptance.