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Hi, rest of the world! My name is Pedro Navarro, I'm not good at personal presentations, but i'll try my best. My born place is Murcia, settled in the south-eastern Spain, but given that nobody outside my country knows it i prefer to say that it is relatively near to Valencia (300 hundred kilometres). Anyway, i don't really believe that beinbg borned in a different place makes me a better or worse person or wikipedia editor, so i prefer people to approach me without any prejudices about nationality and all that stuff. I’m 20 years old and an student in Pompeu Fabra’s University in Barcelona (more widespread known that my homeplace ;)). Probably i would have never had the opportunity or the motivation to start an account and editing text in wikipedia unles i could have joined the project “Wikipedia for peace” which takes place in Jenbach, a village in Austrian Tyrolean Region next to Innsbruck (is avaliable as a wikipedia article, but i’m not experienced enough to use a source to relate you to it ). Basically, i’m starting to write right now, so i hope to do a god job.