User:Pathoschild/Australian Cabal

There is a serious administrative problem on the English Wikisource. It goes something like this:

  1. Wikisource is governed by an Australian Administrator Cabal. This Cabal is comprised of friends and wiki-meetup acquaintances who reside in Australia. You may ignore the many non-Australian administrators, as they are all sockpuppets.
  2. This Cabal uses its undue influence to "support each other" and ensure its members remain in power, bravely undeterred by the fact that they're unanimously confirmed by non-Cabal users anyway.
  3. This Cabal conspires to state their opinions. That they may do so anyway, and that their opinions aren't so different from non-cabal users, does not worry them overmuch.
  4. These Cabal members, and their non-Australian agents, conspire to spend years contributing to the wiki while enabling email abuse.
  5. The O.R. Commission, having arrived and glanced at a few discussion pages, valiantly uncovers the conspiracy, bringing it straight to Meta because the Wikisource community is such a "tiny project" that it cannot deal with such a dire conspiracy. After all, it's only the 58th largest wiki on the Internet, according to the List of largest wikis. The fact that Meta is a far smaller wiki is of little importance.

I trust I've impressed upon you the importance of these administration problems.
Yours cordially,
The O.R. Commission