User:Pathoschild/2008 babel transition

The babel templates have been superseded by a newer system on Meta, {{user language}}. There are a large number of benefits to the transition (see comparison). This does not affect other wikis, although they are free to adopt this system if they choose to.


What if I don't like the new boxes?Edit

It is important to use the new boxes, because the categorization has changed and the old templates will be deleted. However, you can easily change them so they look almost exactly like the babel templates! Just replace "{{user language|code|level}}" with "{{babelold|code|level|align=right}}". If you want them to stack horizontally like the old babel templates, simply remove "align=right".

If you want the blue "Babel templates" box, you can use code like this:

{{user language|fr|N}}
{{user language|en|3}}
... and so forth ...

Template:User language Template:User language ... and so forth ...

Can I customize the new boxes?Edit

The template is designed to be very finely customizable; please refer to the override documentation.

Can I translate the template?Edit

Please do! See "Translating the template" in the documentation.


Where was this discussed?Edit

The new template was primarily discussed on Meta:Babel, Template talk:User language, and in the IRC channels #wikimediaconnect and #wikimedia-translationconnect.