I am Paul Emmanuel NDJENG. I was born on the 29th of April 1987 in Bamenda, in the North West Region of Cameroon. I am the Community Manager of BGFIBank Cameroon, and the very happy (come close to me it will be obvious) Littoral and West Region Coordinator of the Wikimedians of Cameroon User Group, as well as the current Treasurer.

Paul Emmanuel NDJENG at BGFIBank Cameroon's personel's party, january 7, 2023
A portrait of me dressed in 1920's fashion

Who I am Edit

I am passionate about sharing knowledge. Wiki projects are for me an opportunity to develop a sense of belonging around me and especially a sense of sharing, transcending ethnicities to focus on the creation of useful knowledge for all.

I am a real pleasure to be around (neverending smile) and make every session a warm moment. Within the community, I worry so much about organizational and practical matters that I forget that I have to contribute on the platforms. One thing is for sure, everything always goes well (most of the time ^_^) under my leadership, and I intend to help the community grow and each new recruit to fully develop.

The reason why I joined the User Group Edit

I'm constantly looking for new ways to create content that may reach more and more people, in a very instructive and respectful way. The wiki projects give me the opportunity to express myself in a well framed way, and I love it ! ^_^

What I do in the Community Edit

I coordinate the activities in the Littoral and West side of the country's area and every day I discover a new passion for each project we work on. Should I say that I am still looking for myself? Perhaps. If the young members blossom under my leadership, it is my greatest reward. On the other hand, I'm the 2022 - 2024 treasurer of our User Group.

My activities apart from Wiki Edit

Apart from my volunteer activities, I am in charge of the communication on the social networks of the Cameroonian subsidiary of the first financial institution of Central Africa. I am in pole position in the search engine results when one searches for inbound marketing in Cameroon - thanks to my blog inbound361.com which earned me the nickname of internet prodigy. At the same time, I am the head of a Christian music movement called Simple Worship Together (I have been singing since 2003), and an amateur cook. I've been organising a national BlogCamp for three years in a row between 2017 and 2019. Watching people being amazed by the fact of learning new things lead me to take more responsibilities in content creation projects, and Wiki project seemed so obvious for me to get in, more than ever before. What a full life !

My goals Edit

I've always been looking for ways to share knowledge and create and share useful content for all. I, along with the active members of our User Group, work to improve our knowledge level of the wiki platforms in order to improve our contributions quality. I hope that I'll be able to move forward in creating new ways of helping people through content, and display a better vision of my country and of Africa to the whole world.

Everyone calls me Uncle PEN. Welcome to my world!