Oarabile Mudongo

I was very much glad to be given a chance to enter into the Setswana Wikipedia Challenge sponsored by Google in [Republic Of Botswana].My name is Oarabile Mudongo and i am a citizen of Botswana.I pursue Bachelor_of_Computer_Science at Botho College and am majoring in Network_engineering_Linux.

Currently i am a full time wikipedia Editor since the Setswana Wikipedia Challenge started till its end.From Wikipedia i have edited and created many articles and still working on more articles to be published later.This is one of the articles i have known Setswana at first when i entered the challenge.At first Botswana had only Ten articles written in Setswana but since the challenge was introduced more articles where created and their numbers increased almost to 500.I was a contestant in these challenge and emerged the top wikipedian in Botswana as shown by the statistics here Statistics of the Setswana Wikipedia Challenge.Not just that but Google also organised for all the Participants of the challenge an award ceremony which was gazed by many,as a way of thanking us for the massive work done by Batswana students in improving Wikipedia articles in Setswana.I was awarded many presents including Net-books,Android phones etc as i was the top contributor in the Setswana wikipedia Challange.

As a Motswana i am looking forward to see our country also having its own Wikimedia chapter hence bringing information to the entire country in Setswana Language.There are almost 53 Wikimedia chapters world wide and having only two Wikimedia Chapters in Africa being Wikimedia South_Africa and wiki/Wikimedia_Kenya.So it is a great challenge and though a motivation to us as Batswana to get us moving in the same boat with our friends South_Africa and Kenya to get Africa well updated with everything happening in our world, countries and the entire continent.




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