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Contribute since 16 February 2009 | French Wikipedia's account : 130 000 editions, 7 500 creations | Twitter

I'm principally a contributor on the French Wikipedia. If you want to tell me something, perhaps it's more quick to said it on my French account => w:fr:Utilisateur:Nouill.

I'm not often on this wiki. Sometimes, I create or merge item on Wikidata and delete interwiki on the code of Wikipedia's pages. Also, when I do some merge between two French articles, I can contribute on other wiki related to that. You can see me for little corrections, on English Wikipedia, for few imports on Commons or for creation of few articles on French dictionary. I also do some maintenance on coordinates on Wikidata and on the different wiki.

My English isn't so good, but I can talk with it. I don't speak some others languages.