Nuria Ruiz
Nuria Ruiz
Principal Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation, the non profit behind Wikipedia's infrastructure
I help people measure things that matter.

About me

I began working for the Wikimedia Foundation in December 2013. Before being part of the awesome project that Wikipedia is, I spent time working in JavaScript, performance, mobile apps and web frameworks in the retail and social space. Most of my experience deploying large applications comes from the seven years that I worked at in projects like Mechanical Turk. I am a physicist by training and I started writing software in a Physical Oceanography Lab in Seattle. A long time ago. When Big Data was just called "science".

My work

Some projects: and talks: I am currently working on ways to filter automated traffic from Wikimedia projects. Check out some of the tools that our team makes for the editor community:

Contact me

  • E-mail: nuria(_AT_)
  • IRC: nuria in #wikimedia-analytics on