User:mxn/Summer of Code 2006

Update: Alrighty, wasn't accepted. I'm still interested in this idea, though, and if I can squeeze in some time during the summer, then I'll work on it. Gotta find something else to work on, though...

This is part of my submission for Summer of Code 2006. It was based on some ruminations I posted in Vietnamese over at the Vietnamese Wikipedia.


  • After the user presses "Upload file", MediaWiki brings the user to a screen asking "Are you the original author of this file?" with some radio buttons to choose from. According to their choice, the user will go to a page asking:
    • YES: Under which license would you like to release this file?
    • NO: Before you continue, please find out the exact source (original author) of this file. Under which license has the source already released this file?
      • PD, followed by an explanation and a dropdown box of acceptable reasons that a file would be PD, for example if the author has been deceased 100+ years
      • GFDL
      • CC
      • Fair use, followed by a textarea where the user must enter the reason this file falls under fair use at this wiki (for which article?), and perhaps why the user could not have used a free source file instead
    • ADVANCED: Experienced users can enter the name of an acceptable licensing tag, which will allow them to bypass the wizard. The extension could even determine the tag from the File Summary field in the original upload form.


May 29
Announced sabbatical of sorts at the Vietnamese Wikipedia. Start reading up on PHP. Discuss requirements with developers.
June 19
Informal "design specification" complete. Submitted to various Village Pumps and mailing lists for comment.
June 26
Feedback received. Personal wiki set up for testing. Begin writing mid-term progress report.
July 10
Code for displaying pages based on user choices complete.
July 24
Remaining code complete. Discussion with developers about any issues blocking deployment.
August 7
Any issues found and hopefully corrected. Start contacting Wikipedias about localization (if time permits).
August 21
Documentation complete. The time from August 7-21 is basically overflow time, in case Murphy's law is not on our side.

 – Minh Nguyễn (talk, contribs) 05:19, 8 May 2006 (UTC)