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having lived and worked in a German organization for cultural exchange in the Middle East, North and East Africa for many years, I am especially interested in writing or contributing to articles about art and artists in these regions. I write mainly in German and English, but sometimes edit in French or Spanish, too. Of course, any serious contribution to my articles is welcome. Munfarid1 (talk) 12:54, 25 April 2019 (UTC)Munfarid1

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My latest articles, or major updates of articles, reflecting my current interests:

Sudan: Richard Buchta, Photography of Sudan, Music of Sudan, Cinema of Sudan, Sudanese literature, Gadalla Gubara, Aswat Almadina, Nancy Agag, Sharhabil Ahmed, Igd al-Jallad, Rasha, Talking about Trees, Stella Gaitano, Ibrahim el-Salahi, Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin, Muhammad al-Fayturi, Abdel Karim Karouma, Mohammed al Amin, Mahmoud Abdulaziz, Hammour Ziada, Sabah Sanhouri, Khalid Albaih, Ibrahim al Kashif, Amir Taj el-Sir

Morocco: Abdallah Zrika

Other African countries: Report on the restitution of African cultural heritage, National Museum of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dinosaurs of Tendaguru, Hans Cory,

Syria: Mouneer Al-Shaarani, Kinan Azmeh, Hewar, Dima Orsho, Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts (Damascus), Syrian National Orchestra for Arabic Music, Damascus Opera House, Syrian National Symphony Orchestra

Myanmar: National Museum of Myanmar (Yangon), National Museum of Myanmar (Naypyidaw), Philip Adolphe Klier, Max Henry Ferrars

Germany: Manfred Leuchter

Cinema: Cairo Station

Other topics: Robert Lachmann

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