Yes I am Joshua.
Primarily I talk in English and in Tagalog as well as the popular Taglish, I live in the capital city and it is the primary mixture of everyday language. I am a native speaker but I can never compete against the real Tagalogs of the south
French? very basic, Canadians inspired me to learn it, Salut! comment vas-tu aujourd'hui? so far so good.
Spanish? we're Filipinos 350 years of Spanish rule I guess I can understand a little and it is woven in out native Tagalog Comedor? cobiertos? la mesa? piesa? so many words borrowed.
Cebuano? I guess there are words that they borrowed from Tagalog or maybe it's the other way around so yes I can converse but at the most elementary level. gamay ra..
Chinese? Butonghua yes, but no. only a couple of words and sentences I learned from the Ateneo. Ni hao, Ni zai zuo shr ma?
Japanese? Hai! Nihonggo ga sukushi daikemasu! LOLz... again very elementary

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Why I'm here
While waiting for my queries to complete processing, I help translate articles, messages, or notes anywhere in the world of the wikimedia foundation. Well of course you're right, I do my work first before this.
Why you're checking my page
I may not know why, perhaps I edited your work or maybe I translated something and you are here to question it, but then again I may not know, try my talk page.


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