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My views of the English WikipediaEdit

  • I oppose admins abusing their power.
  • I oppose Western control over this site.
  • I oppose the fact that any edits portraying Israel negatively, however factual, are reverted.

My blockEdit

I have been blocked as a sockpuppet by Jayjg on Wikipedia. A sockpuppet of a user I have never heard of. I ran for adminship over on English WP with the campaign mission of adding fairness and liberty across the site. During the RfA a small group of admins bombarded the RfA with insults, reverted my article edits before prematurely ending my RfA. I accused said admins of having an agenda of control, for which I was blocked, Jayjg was aware that I was using an IP masking software - which prompted him to run an illegitimate checkuser on me, and sure enough, the IP my mask gave to me had been used by a troll, this was all the ammunition Jayjg needed to block me.I seek to defend the principles of the Wiki and therefore will continue editing and contributing to the other projects in which I am interesting and tirelessly appealing my block on WP.

My plansEdit

When I recieve the unblock I am duly entitled to, I will campaign for Jayjg to be de-sysopped. I am not one for grudges, but abuse of high level powers by trusted persons is disgusting as any honourable Wikipedia/Wikitraveller etc will agree. According to Meta guidelines on checkuser, a disagreement with the leaders of a Wiki is absolutely NOT legitimate motivation for a checkuser (on English, this rule applies only to non-admins, admins have full dicatorial control over the site, my mission is to stop this.)