I have not done any harm to any Wikipedia


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All my blocs (en, fr, Commons) were made in Germany. My enemies were running after me and convinced local administrators that I am evil and have to be blocked. It is utterly unfair, that I was denied due process, in French Wikipedia because my French is very bad, in English Wikipedia because the ArbComm does ignore my eMails.

    Winner of the WikiCup 2016
  • Created 1.040 articles
  • only eleven articles have been deleted, five nazi victims (Fruchthändler, Kaufmann, Lindorfer, Maxa and Wind) and one historian (Hofinger), one mayor (Amerhauser), one transgender activist, the expression erzkatholisch and two early attempts of overview articles. (the rest of the deleted contributions were either disambiguation pages or pages with just a forward link)
    I was pretty upset about the deletion of Nazi victim articles. In German Wikipedia at that time every single German victim of the Berlin Wall had an article, regardless of his merits. One article for every victim of the Communists, even for the thiefs and hookers. The same does not apply to the victims of the Nazis. They had to be a prominent soccer player or a professor at a university or author of four books in order to be relevant. The article on Josefine Lindorfer was deleted although a street in Hallein has been named after her. She had collected twenty pennies in favor of Communist prisoners and was therefore arrested, deported and killed by the Nazi regime at Auschwitz. I still deplore that this article has been deleted.
  • The working atmosphere in German wikipedia became unbearable as even draft pages were deleted. I fled to French wikipedia, seeking asylum, but a French friend of my persecutors blocked me there within few minutes, forever. This happened on 18 February 2015. I know now that it was not okay edit in a foreign language IN A DRAFT PAGE. On this day I did not even make one single edit in an article: [1]. The blockage forever seems out of proportion to me: no vandalism, no edit war, just drafts.
  • Thereafter I started to work on Stolperstein lists. There, at least I thought so, biographies of Nazi victims could not be deleted. The community had voted in favor of these lists. Very soon a group of four users started to fight each and every biography I wrote. These same people also started too mock about my articles in other fields.

I have never had any problems with the French. I love France and they ought to know. My block there was instigated by German users. Never had any problems in French Wikipedia before and never will have any problems, once set free.

  • continuously contributions since 2009
  • 94 articles created, three additional articles were deleted
  • no edit wars, no vandalism, no insults of other users
  • parts of my work here was highly appreciated [2]
  • blocked INDEFINITE out of the blue on 14 September 2017
  • block instigated by a German user who persecuted me for several months
  • several eMail to blocking admin and to arbCom, no response

No problems there. Of course -jkb- tries to get me blocked there too, but he was not very successful til now. Several administrators there told him, to keep calm.

No problems there, not at all. On the contrary, several users are grateful for my work and they try to help me. Especially Kattiel is very kind and supporting.

main problems in German Wikipedia


Maybe one of my main problems (lack of popularity in German WP) derives from the fact that I'm pretty outspoken. I think German WP has two huge problems:

  • paid editing mainly from political parties, hidden und undiscovered
  • a highly organized right-wing network that - for example - prevents articles about Nazi victims and supports articles about Nazi perpetrators. Sometimes something pops up: [3] [4]

Furthermore, there is a very bad atmosphere toward prolific authors in German Wikipedia, full of envy and distrust. Never in my life I have been treated as badly and awfully as there. If one donates pictures, he or she finds himself pretty speedily attacked of paid editing and accused of trying to make money - although that's not true at all. My enemies believe that in 2019 one can make money with theatre photography - or with Stolpersteine pic. This is very absurd, nevertheless they attacked me for a very long period. Just because that cannot stand that Germans killed very many Jews. Therefore they had to delete biographies, delete husbands, children, aunts and nephews. But the endeavor is invane, no-one will be able to minimize the Holocaust.

The problem is not me, I'm just the messenger of news unwanted ...

my own mistakes


Did I commit mistakes in the procedure: Yes, many.

  • My main disadvantage is that I can be pretty rude (especially when I have the impression that someone treats me unfairly or opposes truth/reason/sense)
  • Discussing German affairs in English Wikipedia was a major mistake. I regret it deeply. What made it even worse was the fact the the discussion took place in German. Therefore misinterpretation and lewd/unfair conduct of an unfriendly German user was made possible. In German we say: "I shot myself in my own leg ..."
  • In beginning of 2017 I left German Wikipedia on my own will. It was a huge mistake to go back. I do not fit there. I should have known better.

hopes and wishes


What could be the best outcome of this affair in my eyes:

  • no global bloc
  • a second chance in English Wikipedia

I do not have any desire to go back to German Wikipedia.