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The time now is 2022-05-20 18:23 UTC, and there are 118,221 pages in Meta now.

Hello, I am Matttest . This is my global user page. If you want to know more about me, please go to the wikis listed below. I am no longer active on those wikis, but there are local userpages at these wikis about me.

Wikis that have my own userpage:

You may go to these wikis to see my contributions. For global contributions, see Special:CentralAuth/Matttest, I have around 3000 edits globally. I don't focus on any local projects now, but instead, reverts edits at small wikis that are harmful.

Finally, wish you have a good day on wikimedia projects!

My plansEdit

I am currently focusing on reverting harmful edits in small Wikimedia projects where admins are not active. I will sometimes go back to my home wiki Cantonese Wikipedia, patrolling pages and improving contents, but it won't be much. Also planning to apply for global rollback rights when I have 10000 edits globally.

Me on other wikisEdit

Local RightsEdit

Project My User Rights
    Cantonese (yue) Wikipedia Rollbacker
  Chinese (zh) Wikipedia Patroller, importer
  Chinese (zh) Wikiversity Importer
  English (en) Wikibooks Autoreviewer
  Simple English (simple) Wikipedia autoconfirmed
  Cantonese (yue) Wiktionary editor
  Wikimedia Commons autoconfirmed
  Wikidata autoconfirmed
  Meta (here) autoconfirmed

Global RightsEdit

  Global ipblock-exempt