My name is Marwa Ibraheem, this is my real life name. I am an Associate Professor of Paleobotany, I was born and raised in Egypt, that means I am North African, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern. I am currently living in the US (East Bay, California).

I am a Knowledge Dissemination, Science Communication, Scientific Research and Science Education Professional, and Children Books Author and Illustrator with 15+ years of experience in University level Science Education and Scientific Research (under- and post-graduate), non-profit organizations, project management, grant writing, fundraising, museum curation, and scientific writing/editing.

I believe that open access to knowledge and education is a human right.

I have known Wikipedia ever since it was born. I shared its evolution moments as it happened parallel to mine while I grew professionally and personally from continent to continent.

I am very pleased to be able to add to its life-changing impact by editing and adding articles about useful topics that can bring the world closer.

I am open to collaborations in the US and overseas.