Mariana Fossatti
Decolonizing Wikimedia coordinator
Whose Knowledge?

Hi! I'm the Decolonizing Wikipedia coordinator of Whose Knowledge?. I'm a feminist and a free/libre culture activist from Uruguay, and a long term Wikimedian (my personal username is Señoritaleona). Previously, I have been working with Whose Knowledge? for 4 years as the #VisibleWikiWomen campaign coordinator. My background is in sociology and I have a master’s degree in Society and Development from the Universidad de la República, Uruguay. I co-founded the digital cultural centre Ártica in 2011, and co-founded the Uruguayan chapters of Creative Commons and Wikimedia in 2013. I also have worked in the APC Women Rights Programme, amplyfing women voices in tech on blog.

When not sharing knowledge or tech tips and tricks with other feminists, you can find me in front of my collage table, figuring out how to finish several work-in-progress pieces.