Welcome, bienvenue, bienvenidos, velkommen, selamat datang, добре дошли, Ласкаво просимо, स्वागत, bem-vindo, സ്വാഗതം and welcome in all the other languages too that I did not have room to put here!

Welcome to my userpage. I am mainly active on en.wiki, where I have the Rollback tool, and also edit on simple.wiki as well. I also patrol Recent Changes on many other wikis too. I sometimes also make edits related to SWViewer, usually just small, invisible changes which allow SWViewer to work on a particular wiki.

This page is my global userpage from meta, to see my main one on en.wiki, see this page.

I often change my signature to one that is similar to the signature I use on en.wiki. I change it so that it matches the local names for the pages, but if the abbreviations do not make sense, please tell me.

Cheerio and happy editing! 🙂

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