I'm Alex Madva.

I'm new to Wikimedia. So far I have only worked on one article in Wikipedia (Christia Mercer). I found it fairly difficult to figure out how to create and edit work on Wikipedia, which led me to reach out to User:Kevin Gorman for help. Now I'm working with Kevin so that more folks like me, who want to contribute to Wikipedia but aren't quite sure how, can do so.

I am a philosopher, so my intention is to edit primarily articles on or related to philosophy. In particular, I'm interested in improving Wikipedia's coverage of philosophers and topics that have been largely underrepresented so far. I am also very interested in psychology, especially as it relates to social cognition and attitudes about race and gender, so I expect to edit psychology articles as well.

I earned my PhD in philosophy at Columbia University in the summer 2012. I am currently a Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow at UC-Berkeley, where I have taught or will teach feminist philosophy, social psychology and philosophy, phenomenology, and a "great books" course on literature and philosophy.