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The Support and Safety team supports staff, the public and volunteers in our community through approximately 12 workflows in three broad areas.

Direct community supportEdit

The Support and Safety team works to build bridges between our international and linguistically diverse editor base and maintains contact with communities across the globe. We step in to facilitate interactions among volunteers, WMF and the public and to support several key community functionary groups in their work.

Regular workflows include:

Trust and SafetyEdit

We step in to protect the safety and integrity of our users, our contributors, and the public. We support a healthy environment on our projects through several work areas. Among other measures, we operate email lists for major problems on Wikimedia projects, including suicide threats, threats of violence, and child pornography. We also own the policies regarding Wikimedia Foundation bans of users from the projects and bans from WMF-funded or supported events, and we work with other internal teams to address concerns about user privacy and freedom.

Throughout FY 2015-2016, Support and Safety will be researching harassment and behavioral issues. We are conducting discussions with contributors, stakeholders, and the academic community, gathering data on how other online organizations address such matters (what works and what doesn’t) and how various Wikimedia communities handle issues. For some of the resources we are investigating, see Online harassment resource guide. For a list of NGOs that support victims of harassment or the fight against harassment, see Support.

Regular workflows include:

  • Evaluation and reporting: Child pornography reports, Emergency@Wikimedia
  • Global & Event bans: requests, inquiries, investigations & maintenance
  • Identification and access rights for community
  • T&S database management: mandatory and best-practice record-keeping

Internal supportEdit

We provide guidance, advice and support to Foundation staff, the Board, and committees. We assist staff routinely with community and content related concerns, including processing DMCA takedown and notification requirements and, where necessary, responding to search warrants and legally valid subpoenas. We help onboard new staff about community norms and practices, and we manage requests for advanced user rights required for staff members to do their work by assessing needs and liaising with the stewards.

Regular workflows include:

  • Supporting Executives: the Executive Director, the Executive Office, Jimmy Wales.
  • Liaison work: to the election committee, the cross-wiki Ombudsman Commission, and other WMF teams. Consultations on community issues are made available on request to all non-engineering teams and departments. (Engineering teams and departments work with Community Liaisons)
  • Supporting the staff: Advanced privileges and user rights for staff, community on-boarding
  • Legal support: DMCA takedown and notification requirements, search warrant and subpoena compliance