Attribute anything on main pages from this account on any Wiki project to The same license for work that is on Wikimedia projects would apply. That only applies to work contributed previously to Wikimedia projects.

I regret contributing to Wikiversity. It is a sham project with no sense of civility and petty behavior. That project should be frozen and cleaned up, then relevant serious programs should be spun off to continue. ALL administrators who allowed, ignored, played politics, played a part in and enabled that behavior including from all Wikimedia projects to Wikiversity that even received global ban attention from WMF should have their privileges revoked. It is used as hosting for personal school grading projects, when they should be made to host their own services, and not leach off of Wikimedia, for something that applies to a limited group of students in a small class, and not an overall student community. What I have read on Wikiversity on the type of behavior that was protected, that even resulted in global bans, is an embarrassment, and it should be an embarrassment for everyone at Wikipedia and Wikimedia as well.