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  • A user creates many single-purpose accounts, designed only to send garbage on my talk pages.

Why do I write this page now :

I am a big editor on the French-speaking Wikipedia and, for two years now, I've been a target of cross-wiki harassment, along with other colleagues from frwiki.

I would like to file a formal request to stewards, asking them to take the necessary steps to protect my user pages (both profile and talk page) against this long-term abuse.

What made me file this request

On April 24, 2020, I was blocked for 4 hours [1], without any discussion (the admin who performed the block did not answer my message) because I was accused of vandalism. My only wrongdoing was: I deleted from my own talk page messages with insults, foul language, offensive words and harassment, and I did it according to the rules and recommendations on itwiki :

  • You shouldn't blank or modify contents on talk pages, either yours or from other users (except comments based on vandalism, offensive words, provocative behavior or advertisement).

Both in request to admins RA and on my own talk page, the reactions to my matter were quite inappropriate: the Italian admins did not consider how violent and harming it is when you are blocked in such an unfair manner, and they also told me that I should'nt have deleted the messages with offensive and foul comments (why so? It is allowed on itwiki!) and they downplayed the "mistake" of the admin who blocked me--to date, the admin still hasn't explained why he did block me. A simple apology from him would have relieved me and would have settled the problem.

I'd rather not suffer another similar experience on another wikipedia.

Other targets

Please note the other targets of the cross-wiki harassment : Bédévore (see User:Bédévore/Harassment) - Jules78120 - Sammyday - B-noa


Hello Lomita, we have the same idiot User:Bédévore/Harassment#June 2020. -Bédévore (talk) 14:38, 8 June 2020 (UTC)