Hello everyone, I am CAROLE LEUWE from Cameroon. I am a freelance journalist and blogger and once in a while I offer my services as a translator(french-english-french). I cover most issues concerning arts and culture, health, environment, women empowerment and Human rights. I have a passion for training on journalism and new technology tools. I was the George Atkins Communication winner in 2016. I am one of the #Wikipedia15 winners of Wiki Loves Women and I am a member of the Cameroon Wikipedia community. I love being useful to the community and I work a lot on making children safety and protection a daily priority for parents.

I am the mother of 2 boys and travel a lot to share my experience (journalist, blogger) with younger journalists. I also work with young talented artists and cultural projects in the fields of communication and press relation officer.


Twitter @doualanow. Facebook : Carole Leuwé Instagram : VisionArtistik Skype : Carolel6