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Following is a list of users watched by User:Kwj2772


  • Low-quality translation
  • Machine translations (probably copyvio?)
  • Refusing discussion
  • Using multiple IPs and accounts

Accounts and IPsEdit

Status & X-Wiki ActivityEdit

  • jawiki: Blocked (see kowiki entry, block request)
  • kowiki: Blocked (Hacking account)
  • metawiki: Not blocked.
  • commonswiki: Not blocked.
  • enwiki: Not blocked
  • strategywiki: Not blocked. Desysopped.
  • translatewiki(betawiki): Translator right declined.
  • ko.wikia: desysopped. Blocked indefinitely.
  • Wikitravel Shared: Nominated for adminship wikitravel:commons:Project:Administrator_nominations