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Kris Litson
Head of Community Communication, Wikimedia Deutschland
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About me

My name is Kris Litson and as of mid-September 2019 I have started working as the Head of Community Communication for Wikimedia Deutschland. I’m very excited to be working with everyone at WMDE and, of course, all of you.

I was born in New Zealand but spent most of my life living in Sydney, Australia. I’m a scientist by education having studied Biotechnology but have worked instead at various digital companies dealing with digitisation, video games, banking and law.

I’ve travelled extensively through China, South East Asia and northern South America and more casually through Europe, the US and a smattering of Oceania. My fields of interest are science, video games, politics, sci-fi, the world, food and, clearly, travel.

I currently reside in Berlin where I spend most of time exploring the city’s nascent food culture or geeking out over my extensive Steam library.

My work

The Community Communication team is situated in the software development department at Wikimedia Deutschland. Our mission is to make the voices of contributors in the Wikimedia projects heard during software development so that we can build the right products.

My job is to lead and develop the team, to make sure that community communication continues to play a vital role in our development projects and that the barriers for participation are low.

Disclaimer: This account is used for my work for Wikimedia Germany.

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