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I almost do absolutely nothing.

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Crappy ideasEdit

I tend to come up with ideas that end up being ignored or wildly unpopular. Maybe if I generate crappy ideas at a steady enough rate, something useful might eventually pop out. Or maybe I should return to lurkdom.

  1. Merge Malay-Indonesian wikipedias (no: not similar enough)
  2. Microransom (whatever)
  3. Google should host Wikipedia (ok maybe now i see why not)
  4. Don't bother with localised filenames in
  5. Use 3 letter language codes to avoid conflicts (who cares?)
  6. Ambiguity and the interwiki link problem (stating the obvious?)
  7. Single login strategy
  8. Configurable user interface
  9. Linguistic merging
  10. Wikimedia media plugin

Less crappy?Edit

Ideas that don't end up being completely ignored or rejected.

  1. National wikipedias (a useful list?)
  2. Guide to the CC dual-license
  3. Simplified Single login strategy
  4. Google hosting (maybe wasn't such a bad idea after all)

To DoEdit

Not that I actually will get around to these, but it's nice to dream.

  1. Download and install MediaWiki
  2. Learn how interlanguage links are done
  3. Implement centralised interwiki links


Stuff I found useful in learning about Wikipedia

  1. Wikipedia timeline
  2. Logo