About MeEdit

About Me

I have no idea what "Meta Wikimedia" is... I edit encyclopedic pages on the English Wikipedia and my normal user page can be found here. I am merely creating my userpage here as I have participated in the Privacy Policy discussion and saw my signed posts as having no valid link to an existing userpage.

If you wish to contact me, please do so on my talk page for my normal user page account. I do not anticipate to be using this account page as much as my original although I will link it there. I will, in my traditional userpage format, list my works for Meta Wikimedia here.


 Please note that I do contribute to Wikipedia via personal desktop computer as well as my smartphone so should I make numerous edits to an article in a short period of time, I am probably doing so by phone as I do not have as much versatility when editing by it.


 Everything else below this line is related to various projects and their status. It is as much for me as it is for any visitor to my page. By organizing these articles on my page, I am able to have a quick jump page to navigate to any article knowing its overall status as well as the status of the intended modifications. Also, by organizing these articles on my page, you as a visitor are able to see what I have worked on in the past as well as what I am interested in...at least, to some extent.

Current ProjectsEdit

Listed below are the projects being undertaken at the time of the creation of this userpage.

Privacy Policy DiscussionEdit

Project Goal: Contribute my comments as I desire to inquire, support, defend or otherwise any portion of the Privacy Policy or any element currently in discussion about the Privacy Policy.
Project Status: Reading through the discussion and have a general overview of the changes being brought into by this Privacy Policy.