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pam-N Ing tagagamit a ini katutubo ya magsalita ning Kapampangan.
fil-N This user has a native understanding of Filipino.
tl-N May katutubong pang-unawa sa Tagalog ang tagagamit na ito.
en-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of English.
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Mabuhay everyone, Kixzer here, but you can call me Franz for short.I'll be working on the Kapampangan Language Wiktionary(pam) , Interested helping , Let me know. I'm just an average filipino dad who loves music ,gadgets and web technology. I'm an avid Linkin Park fan and MashUp Music Genre. A Senior Technical Lead in one of the BPOs , Certified Nokia App Publisher / Developer (Nokia Symbian OS ) , Free Lance Tech Researcher , and you can usually find me editing my pages and creating new submissions. Questions? Visit my talk page.