A Swedish editor. Most interested in politics, and language history. Constantly learning new things. Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility Is my latest article. My edits from October 2016 and onward: Metro 2035 (метро 2035) , Constitution of Kazakhstan , Mamluk Sultanate (Cairo),  The United Church of Bacon , Sokolniki park , Swiss standard German , Krebs cycle , Rumàntsch , Tom Kenny , Jørgen Brønlund Fjord , Yugoslav Navy , Prince of Wales Fort , Telecommunications in North Korea , Ketose , Paddy Roy Bates , Andrei Gennadyevich Karlov , Ukraine International Airlines , Air Baltic , Sisters Oregon , Battle of Mosul , Nicolaus Copernicus .

Currently I am reading the Federalist Papers by: Alexander Hamilton .

Who am I? A Swedish American. I currently live in the United states. I have an interest in governmental systems, chemistry, Nuclear anything really, and a lot of other things. On my spare time I take photos and spend many hours editing. I am taking film classes, and have been progressing. I am not a conspiracy theorist but some people may think I am. Notice the image below "Loose Talk- A chain reaction For ESPIONAGE!". This is a sign at the Hanford site in rich land Washington. Anyways, I will usually edit for fun on Wikipedia. As I am still learning my page is pretty messy right now but When I learn Wiki Text It will improve the quality of the pages I write.

Name: Kieran stöhl Kentley

Country of Origin: United States of America/Sweden

State/Province of Origin: New York State, Oregon, and Norrbotten, Härjedalen.

Make sure too look at my Comrade Carvers page: User:Carverd8

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