After six years of having a Meta account, I suppose it is time I put something here other than a soft redirect. I am Kelapstick, a Canadian Wikimedian. I am most active on English Wikipedia, where I serve as an administrator. I was appointed as an oversighter in 2015, and served on the Arbitration Committee between 2016-2018. Following my term on The Committee I relinquished by Oversight and CheckUser permissions, as I didn't believe I would be using them much (which turned out to be true). As I am most active on the English Wikipedia, the easiest way to get in touch with me on my talk page there; It is located at w:en:User talk:Kelapstick.

Languages edit

I don't really care for Babel infobxes, as they don't give a good understanding of practical language use, so a description is below:

  • My native language is English, so I communicate in English where possible.
  • As I am Canadian educated I studied mandatory French for six years. This means my French proficiency falls somewhere between reading the back of a bilingual cereal box and ordering a Big Mac in Quebec City without getting slapped.
  • In Mongolian, I can functionally communicate through the about 50 words that I know and understand. I refer to this as Yassan Be Mongolian (named after the first phrase people learn when the go to Mongolia).
  • In Spanish, I am able to order drinks (coffee or beer, depending on time of day), and convey that I am not Polish (I can't remember why the latter ever came up, needless to say, I know it).
  • In Mandarin, I am able to say hello and thank you (thanks in part to Ni Hao, Kai-Lan).
  • In Japanese, I am able to count to ten, and ask where the bathroom is (at least I hope that was a bathroom).
  • In Bahasa Indonesian, understand a few words, and speak about as many.
  • I know a bit of Afrikaans, much of it not fit for print here.