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 H1: Introduction H2: Basics H3: Handling harassment reports H4: Communicating with victims of harassment H5: Immediate action H6: Investigating reports H7: Providing support and advice H8: "Doxxing" or release of personally identifying information H9: "Off-wiki" harassment H10: Image-based problems H11: Closing cases H12: Reporting out H13: After a case H14: Other resources 
Dealing with online harassment

H1: Introduction


Purpose of this module


This module is intended to help community leaders, functionaries, and groups deal with community challenges around allegations of online harassment and abusive behavior. Dealing with such complaints can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Wikimedia projects' decentralized system can mean a lack of consistent approaches to the issue between different Wikimedia projects, or even within a single project or group. Harassment cases can cause emotional strain on everyone involved, and it is often very difficult to find solutions that satisfy everyone involved.

However, helping fellow community members deal with this issue is important. Volunteers often struggle with finding assistance when they feel harassed, and the experience of feeling harassed is a deterrent to participation.[1] Supporting them, and supporting each other in supporting them, may help us avoid losing good faith contributors who could be helping build out content for our reviewers.These training materials will evolve over time. Approaches to online harassment, policies, and tools are a expanding area of study, and the information provided here will grow as they grow.