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 H1: Introduction H2: Basics H3: Handling harassment reports H4: Communicating with victims of harassment H5: Immediate action H6: Investigating reports H7: Providing support and advice H8: "Doxxing" or release of personally identifying information H9: "Off-wiki" harassment H10: Image-based problems H11: Closing cases H12: Reporting out H13: After a case H14: Other resources 
Dealing with online harassment

The following are a set of concepts for a future training module on dealing with online harassment. They are being created based on feedback from community members who have experience working with these issues. This effort is led by the Support and Safety team at the Wikimedia Foundation.

This content will be developed over the coming months. If you have ideas for content, comments on the draft content, or ideas for headings that are not included here, please join us on the talk page!

The Support and Safety team is responsible for delivering and deploying these modules, and will be ultimately responsible for final editorial decisions on the content. However, we highly value input from those in the movement with experience dealing with online harassment and will incorporate suggestions as appropriate.