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Hello and welcome to my wiki profile! Make yourself at home!

First of all, allow me to introduce myself, I was born in Gilgit, Pakistan, twenty-something years ago. Since then I've moved about the country a bit, came to settle couple of years ago in Italy, but this may be temporary.


My origins are varied, most of my blood being Arabic as some centuries ago my ancesters migrated to indian sub-continent from Iraq, a long story but I am a citizen of Gilgit-Baltistan, a mountain brat, a native speaker of Shina language. Well! Shina is not the only language I know, beside that a natively speaker of urdu, fluent in italian and english, and these days I am also learning portuguese, Oi!

Joining WikipediaEdit

I joined Wikipedia early 2011, do not remember exactly the date. Due to an inconvenience I had been contributing from two accounts one for Italian and other for English wikipedia. My first contribution from Italian Wikipedia is the article about my ancestral village Bagrote in Italian language.

The account for English which I used to contribute previously is User:Razi Kazmi


You can view my contributions here:

My contributions My contributions from previous account

Templates I createdEdit

  1. Template:User building engineer
  2. Template:GB-edu-stub

Global contributionsEdit

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Jobs I find quite interestingEdit

  • learning about new cultures, places, people
  • building art, designing, sketching, editing
  • reading, writing, reviewing wiki articles
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