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The winds that sometimes take something they love, they are bringing something that we learn to love.

About me


My work

  • 792+ edits and 52+ articles on hindi Wikipedia.
  • Developer in Wikimedia inspire grant funded WIGI project.
  • Minor open source contributions at my Github profile.
  • Other pet projects listed at my website.

Contact me

  • Wikipedia User Page: Hindi
  • E-mail:monvan042(_AT_)gmail.com
  • Skype: Karam06.iitkgp
  • IRC Nick: Karam06 @ freenode
  • Github: Mayankkkkkgp

My Introducation And My Work

My name is Karam06 , I live in Barabanki , Uttar pradesh , India. I create articles on Wikipedia , clean up the vandalism on the wiki, checking for new articles created by anonymous or wiki member I do, and put the proper maintenance tag and also enroll for quick removal. I link Wikipedia's page directly to Wikidata, If an editor wants to add a title to the page you have created, then talk to me on my ( talk) page on all local wikis.
Hindi Wikipedia My Talk Page is Hereयहाँ है
Thanks I create Articles on English And Hindi Wikipedia are these Subjects are as Following -

  • Education
  • Sports
  • Television Channel
  • Serials And Films
  • Politicians
  • Singer, Musicians ,Rockstars
  • Tradition
  • Religions
  • Cartoon And Cartoons Films
  • Cricketers
  • Human Body Diseases And Human parts

And other Related Topics.


My articles that I have created on Hindi Wikipedia

[1] List of Articles I Created

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