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Kai Kemmann
Born 1971 in Bonn, Rhineland. Lived in Alfter, Bathurst, Bremen and Berlin. Current place of residence is Weimar, Thüringen, Allemagne.

My work

engineering & architectural studies from 1991
collaborative housing for students & backpackers until 2012Hababusch Hostel,Weimar,Germany,front view in winter,
generally engaged in architectural restoration & renovation

Contact me

tel. ++49 (0)176 tooTree tooFor svenWun svenIght

Wikipedia is not paper

Men Making Tatami Mats, 1860 - ca. 1900.jpg

men making tatami mats, 19th century

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For each country : number of humans in Wikidata / population of the country

ratio of female entries per male entry in wikidata, 2016 For each country : number of women / (number of men + number of women) in Wikidata

Columbia and Nehalem Valley Railroad, ca. 1927 Crib trestle on the Columbia and Nehalem Valley Railroad (3227293964).jpg