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My name is Matt Bergevin, but my friends call me "Kage" (pronounced Kah-gay). It's a nickname my martial arts instructor gave me meaning "shadow" in romanji.

About meEdit

I'm married to my best friend and college sweetheart. Together we have a beautiful daughter and are both employed by Booz Allen Hamilton. I spent 6 years in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and am currently teaching martial arts on the weekends.

I remember playing with wiki wiki web back in 1997. I've been using Wikipedia since around 2002 (and it's come a long way since (some better, some not so much)). I created this account after joining a work project that supports the use of social media (particularly wikis) as I can't remember what my earlier account was (was probably deleted anyway). I don't log in a whole lot so I have quite a few anonymous posts out there.

The categories I have listed show which articles I frequent and try to help update when necessary. This doesn't mean you won't find helping out some other random article!


Maybe one day there will be a Wikipedia article about the following.